Bunch of hooey. Wait until these draconian policies Biden "writes as EO" impact the entire populace; our borders are overrun by unchecked, unvaccinated populations perhaps fleeing Venezuela and other dictatorships, hurling themselves and their families (unless they are paid human traffickers) from the frying pan into the fire....all the while we peons watch as jobs are lost, cost of living rises, our children and children's children are born with a debt they can never pay back.

The political elite, like Nero, watch as cities like Portland burn night after night after night, and don't give a damn that long time businesses, small businesses close forever, and safety is nonexistent because policing is relegated to "volunteer rangers" who carry nothing but a smile on their face and a hopeful prayer that the bottle of frozen water won't find their head and knock them out.

They fiddle while America burns.

If this current administration was really all that compassionate, and had a "high regard for human life", they would stop the insanity at our borders. No one from this administration -- and I am speaking about a presence like, oh, maybe the VP who is in charge of this crisis -- has yet to visit.

I think the better summation of your piece is whether or not you will fully recover from the Biden administration.

Certified Health Coach and freelance writer, striving to do what really matters in life…one day at a time.

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