Barbara Cleary
1 min readJan 25, 2023

I once had a middle school student complain that my class was too quiet (during their open reading time) and that the kindergarten teacher told her that "when there is noise, there is learning". I almost told her to go back to kindergarten and see how much progress she could make in reading "A Christmas Carol". (I know, it was a snarky thought, but then are middle schoolers can be masters of snark).

The noise, din, and frenzy in our post-modern world may be attempts for us to escape the responsibility we have to know and understand Our Lord and God; to listen to His inspirations for doing good works, acquiring virtue, overcome faults.

When God spoke to man in the Old Testament, it was when there was silence. Samuel, for example, with his wonderful reply, "Here I am Lord. Speak, for Your servant heareth".

Thanks for the thought provoking piece.

Barbara Cleary

Catholic wife/mom/Nan to four grandchildren. Writing about my faith, and life in a chaotic multigenerational home while trying to see the humor in it all.