I suggest you should be careful when attempting to respond to others. You spent most of your energy attacking me personally.

You do not know me. You do not know who I know and what comprises my circle of friends. To suggest my perspective is not worthy of consideration simply because I don’t throw out statistics (there are, lies, damn lies, and statistics) is beneath any cogent conversation. Just because your experience was ho-hum, does not mean that that is rule….perhaps you are the exception.

I never suggested that Trump is a “great unifier”. I don’t believe, however, that those on the other side of the political center are doing anything to promote unity, either. In fact, their violent actions and hoaxes seem to be perpetuating the division.

The comment about abortion relates to the author’s comment about Nazi Germany and the murders of persons in certain ethnic groups, persons with disabilities, or persons who held religious beliefs contrary to the regime. It occurs to me that our government is targeting a specific group of people (babies) for extermination. Government determining who lives and who dies; whose life is of value and whose is not….not unlike the Nazi regime.

I have read the Federalist Papers. I have also taught American History and have done extensive reading about the growth of our nation. My own family came to the United States in the late 1800s….it certainly was not because they accepted the philosophy espoused in the Enlightenment.

Again, you feel you need to attack me by calling out the “lies about immigrants coming here to be welfare queens”? What makes you think it is a lie? I have worked with volunteer groups to assist immigrants coming here to help them get on their feet by providing temporary housing, clothing and work. After a few weeks, they disappear. When they surface again they have been set up with a paid for place to live, food stamps, and are actively working to bring the rest of their family here because they understand they can get better assistance if there are family members (especially children) involved. Not a lie. It happens.

There is no need to call me stupid simply because you disagree.

Certified Health Coach and freelance writer, striving to do what really matters in life…one day at a time.

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