Many salient points in this article. The fiat system is an illusion to be sure. Most people look at the value of their homes, for example, as a means of wealth, not thinking that the reason the value has increased is because the dollar has been devalued.

This whole thing is a tangled mess in some ways because people have no understanding that, in the US, there has been a century-long battle between the international central bankers, who want their fingers in the financial system to control the country, and those who want to keep the US a sovereign nation where the citizens make the decisions regarding finances.

IMO, centralized systems of any sort only truly benefit those at the top. Look at centralized government systems (think Venezuela, NK, China...and the US is rapidly becoming a totalitarian state), healthcare systems, the insurance industry, in addition to the financial systems like the WCB or the IMF. All are run by suits who make millions of dollars a year plus perks off the backs of those who actually produce the goods and services (for which they are paid wages that are conveniently sent back to them in taxes).

The system is imploding by design. Is cryptocurrency the answer? I don't know, but the mere fact that China is now poised to be the new standard (replacing the dollar), and they are working on a cryptocurrency backed by gold; as well as the fact that the international financial communities are worried about a growing decentralized system, makes me wonder.

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